focus on take long-term actions, so that one day there will be no more emergencies

All health systems have deep historical roots that ad hoc interventions cannot replace. This is why we emphasize local capacity-building and are careful to foster sustainable actions. By steadily cultivating this perspective over the long term, we base all our projects on principles of integrity, rigour, respect, openness, loyalty, efficiency, and equity. We take care to ensure that sustained cooperation activities respond to the ethical criteria of universities and of the development sector.


Partnership as a core value
The life of a project is often strenuous; from the first outlines to the final product, the environment in which a project unfolds is constantly changing. These fluctuations can be hard on decision-makers. Besides being informed, they need to be involved in all stages of the interventions we are supporting so they can take appropriate decisions. This is why we establish partnership relationship with those involved, which we consider one of the keys to our success. This approach ensures we provide realistic solutions that satisfy expectations and fit the context in which our interventions are carried out, even when that context is shifting,

No turnkey solutions
Our aim is not to transpose Canadian or Western models to other places. All our interventions take into account the partner organization’s management philosophy and culture. Far from offering all-purpose recipes, our approach provides tools and approaches tailored to each partner’s needs and real situations.

Using networks to achieve excellence
We work hand-in-hand with many health institutions and training facilities. These collaborations produce stimulated, effective, and motivated project teams working toward the same goals to ensure actions that are coherent and sustainable.

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