The Economic Burden of Illness and Health Care in India : Analysis of Household Survey Data

2008 - 2011

Mission : For poor households in the developing countries, incidence of an illness imposes two types of costs on the family: the cost of medical care to diagnose and treat the illness; loss of income due to loss of working hours. Empirical studies have found that very high out-of-pocket health care expenditure is often enough for pushing many households into a stage of severe vulnerability. However, the scope of the existing studies is limited in providing micro-level evidence on economic burden, exclusion and coping strategies for meeting high health care costs. The proposed research is an attempt to reduce this research gap by generating micro-level evidences. Apart from enriching our understanding of households' vulnerability due to illness and high cost of health care, evidence generated by this research would help the policy makers to formulate more effective interventions to reduce people's economic burden, vulnerability and exclusion.

Financement :

Instituts de recherche en santé du Canada

Lieu :

Haïti Inde

Intervenants :

HADDAD, Slim — chercheur principal
MUKHERJEE, Subrata — chercheur principal
LÉVESQUE, Jean-Frédéric — co-chercheur

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