Albania. Human resources in the health sector. Professional development system.

2007 - 2015

Mission :

This project was implemented in two consecutive phases in the period 2007-2015 and the main objective was to provide assistance for developing a professional development system (PDS) for the Albanian health workforce.  In this framework, a Natoional Centre of Continuing Education for health professionals of Albania was established and developed and started performing different functions such as: accreditation of continuing education activities; coordination of recertification function for physicians, dentists and pharmacists; management of human resources database in the framework of continuing education;  training needs assessment for different sub-groups of health professionals; organize and coordinate continuing education programs and courses etc.  Moreover, a new mechanism for accreditation of continuing education programs and activities was developed and started to be functional. Finally, a new system for recertification of health professionals was designed and begin to be implemented.

Financement :

Direction du développement et de la coopération Suisse

Lieu :

Europe de l'Est
Haïti Albanie

Intervenants :

FOURNIER, Pierre — directeur(trice) de projet
NURI, Besim — coordonnateur(trice) à Montréal

Fichiers associés :

Documents promotionnels :
albania_pds2_fiche.pdf (223 Ko)
pds_achievements_2015.pdf (293 Ko) Autres documents :
recommendations_on_ce_system_2015.pdf (1 Mo)

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