2007 - 2014

Mission :

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is the Canadian Coordinating Agency of this project in Vietnam, funded by CIDA, in partnership with International Health Unit of Faculty of Medicine. Expected results Outcomes : 1. Improved agriculture/food production and processing practices adopted 2. Capacity of local partners to design, monitor and control for safety and quality standards of selected agriculture and food products is enhanced 3. Markets for higher quality and safer agriculture and food products are established Outputs : 1. Production techniques that enhance quality, productivity, value, safety and environmental sustainability for selected products are demonstrated and adopted 2. Safer food processing and cleaner production techniques are demonstrated and adopted 3. Product quality price premiums are introduced and adopted. Agriculture products and food inspection systems are rationalized, strengthened and systematized 4. Key entry points for improved production and processing practices are identified and addressed 5. Agriculture and food product standards for selected products are introduced and adopted 6. Professional and resident industry expertise in prevention and control systems is enhanced The project will be implemented in three components: Quality Development of Production, Marketability of Products and Quality and Safety Control in three or four provinces in all the three regions of Vietnam. Strategies included Training in Vietnam, graduate studies in risk-analysis at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, technical expertise to develop HACCP-based models for relevant commodity files (meat, vegetables), to support to Pilot-projects and to enhance capacity of laboratories and inspection systems. 1 mars 2007 to 28 février 2011

Partenariat :

Gouvernement du Vietnam, Centre du porc du Québec, Faculté de médecine vétérinaire UdeM, institut de recherche en développement et en agroenvironnement

Financement :

Agence canadienne de développement international

Lieu :

Haïti Vietnam

Intervenants :

QUESSY, Sylvain
CAMPEAU, Daniel — coordonnateur(trice) de projet

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